Edge: Fresh fruit

Software for fruit exporters

Features (Español)

  • Web/cloud (Microsoft Azure, SLA: 99.95 %)
  • Multi-language (spanish, english, etc.)
  • User types: exporters, growers, receivers
  • Multi-exporter
  • Multi-plant
  • Unprocessed fruit receptions
  • Packing processes
  • Variedades y productores reales y rotulados
  • Packed fruit receptions
  • Grower sites (CSGs)
  • Import pallets from other systems
  • Repalletizations
  • Vessels, ports and markets
  • Instructives
  • Dispatches: exports, local market and movements
  • SAG inspections and files (INS, REP, etc)
  • Stock of unprocessed fruits
  • Stock of packed fruits
  • Traceability (view image)
  • Materials movements and stock
  • Material standard (MRP)
  • Commercial module:
    • Receiver bills (per vessel or container)
    • Receiver settlements (libre consignación)
    • Receiver payments
    • Receiver balance
    • Grower expenses
    • Exporter FOB and Grower Net
    • Grower Net Report
    • Grower payments
    • Grower balance
    • Pooling



¿Why web and not desktop?

  • Software updates are easier (no visits to your office)
  • No hardware needed in your office (no IT department)
  • Also, no licenses needed (Windows, SQL Server, etc.)
  • User concurrency works better
  • No synchronization processes needed (eg. all plants are synced real time)
  • Use our software outside your office (at your home or Starbucks)
  • All our customers get to have the same/latest version of the software