Edge: Quality inspection

Software for fruit importers with quality inspection

Features (Español)

  • Web/cloud (Microsoft Azure, SLA: 99.95 %)
  • Multi-language (español, inglés, etc.)
  • Import packing list from Excel
  • Custom templates (defects and tolerance)
  • Quality and condition inspections
  • Automatic score
  • Data-Mining: who's the best grower, etc.
  • Exporters can login and check their fruit
  • Offline mode: inspect without Internet connection

¿Why web and not desktop?

  • Software updates are easier (no visits to your office)
  • No hardware needed in your office (no IT department)
  • Also, no licenses needed (Windows, SQL Server, etc.)
  • User concurrency works better
  • No synchronization processes needed (eg. all plants are synced real time)
  • Use our software outside your office (at your home or Starbucks)
  • All our customers get to have the same/latest version of the software